Hibiscus Herbal Tea-Free Shipping

//Hibiscus Herbal Tea-Free Shipping

Hibiscus Herbal Tea-Free Shipping


Have a healthy body-mind with the right herbal teas. Know your energy body take the Quiz.

Once you take the QUIZ, you will know which energy point in your body is not creating the right energy to help you gain balance in life.

Hibiscus tea is related to your first energy point, your root chakra.

If you feel lethargic even when you wake up in the morning your root energy is disturbed. Consumption of one cup of energized Herbal tea helps you regain & balance your roots.




What is Hibiscus Tea?

Hibiscus tea, also known as Agua de Jamaica and by its scientific name Hibiscus sabdariffa is prepared by boiling parts of the hibiscus plant. Hibiscus tea is ruby red or deep magenta in color and has a sour taste.

It is a very popular beverage throughout the world and is often used as a medicinal tea. Hibiscus flowers have various names and are known as “Roselle” in some places. It is widely available in the market throughout the tea-drinking world.

This tea can be consumed hot or cold depending on your preference. This tea is low in calories and is caffeine-free.

Additional Health Benefits

  • Weight Loss
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Protects Liver
  • Anticancer Properties
  • Anti-inflammatory & Antibacterial Agent
  • Relieves Menstrual Pain
  • Acts as an Antidepressant Agent
  • Improves Digestion
  • Satiates Thirst
  • Summer & Winter Drink

The health benefits of hibiscus tea include its ability to reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and inflammatory problems, aid in relieving the disturbed digestive and immune system, and potentially help treat diseases of the liver and cancer.

Hibiscus Hot Tea Recipe

It is very easy to make hibiscus tea, all you need is hot water, Hibiscus Herbal Tea and honey.

Take 1/2 tsp of herbal hibiscus tea, for 1 cup preparation.

Once the water is hot put the herbal hibiscus tea & close the kettle with the lid.

Pour in a cup after 2-3 minutes.

Enjoy & Energize!

Summertime Sips: Hibiscus Iced Tea Tonic

Place hibiscus herbal tea and cinnamon stick in a large jar with water. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Strain out the solids, add honey. Serve over ice with a lime wedge if desired.


Organic Hibiscus Herbal Tea has a taste that is very similar to cranberry juice. You can also try adding spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, mint leaves, lemon wedges or ginger depending on your taste. Hibiscus ginger tea is one of the popular flavors as it gives the tea both a balance of tartness (of the flower) and spiciness (of the ginger)



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