I will keep my life story short but still help you have a closer look into my life.

Hi, Im Richa!

Born on the September of 1974, in a family where education was the first priority & gender no bias.

But something was DIFFERENT WITHIN ME, which I couldn’t explain.

I was 7 & was suddenly drawn to a source of energy which was peeping out of a hole in our backyard & was changing dimensions & shapes. I shared the incident with my peers, who found it weird & just mocked it away. This entirely drew me towards Energy & meta physics.
Again at the age of 10, I was shifted to a different place for better education. Here I had a spiritual experience, where I was connected to a person (Grandmother) who guided me towards unveiling the quest.

This quest opened different doors & I came across my ability of  CLAIRSENTIENCE (to perceive information by a “feeling” within the whole body).
When ever these incidents would occur, My energy would spill all over leaving me weak emotionally, which I couldn’t share with anyone, as it overwhelmed ME.
Married at a young age into a spiritual family environment , the answers to my spiritual journey were further realized. This new journey not only answered my inner questions but also made me stronger person, as I was always ready to explore new possibilities.

Though my spiritual & energy quest started when I was just a kid & continuous even today, opening new dimensions of energy & well being.
During my second term, I had to under go a lot of emotional stress, when I indulged into MEDITATION, which opened new learnings of the inner self where I was guided to past life therapy.

Even in the most rough patches of my LIFE, I never left HOPE of a new beginnings.
My passion towards reading books, opened new doors of new learnings & beginnings, that is when I found the answers always lie within YOU. It is the path you take to seek & unwind the answers in this spiritual journey.

With the help of Power Yoga & Meditation, which helped me learn the inner healing & regaining Path to utilise  Energy to heal the SELF.
This deeper journey also helped me know the power of BODY’S SELF HEALING & Emotional balance to have a complete healing access within your self.
With Child Psychology as honours, my quest of seeking answers I became a certified NLP Trainer, Higher Chakra Healer, Angelic Card Reading,Crystals Healing, Aksahick Readings, Past life Regression Therapist.

As in my own journey I learned the ALCHEMY of ENERGY & mapped the road of my inner & spiritual freedom to coach others & share my road map of freedom.
This helped me design the Inner FREEDOM Techniques & Rapid GROWTH Techniques to provide the much needed completion of the traumas one experienced in the present or past lives.

This is when I started understanding the ENERGY space &  my sub-consciouses started guiding me to the ALCHEMY of ENERGY.
I know you will benefit from learning these tools, for I have coached thousands of people across the world, to become powerful creators & masters of their life, mind, emotion, energies,  body & the UNIVERSAL & EARTH ENERGY.
I share my story to show you The POWER of being LIMITLESS Is In YOUR HANDS!
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